Auriole Prince BA MMAA RMIP

December 9, 2008

I have been a forensic and age progression artist for 10 years and have helped the police and coroners on numerous cases. I spent 8 years at the National Missing Persons Helpline and now run and helping people to preview cosmetic changes and showing people at their ideal weight. I am ACPO accredited and serve on the council of the Medical Artist’s Association. I am listed as an expert in forensic art and age progression for police investigations and have done work for many TV programmes including Crimewatch, Crime Detectives, 10 Years Younger, Spendaholics, Who’ll Age Worst, Super Botox Me, Extreme Skinny Celebrities, Extreme Cosmetic Surgery, Embarrassing Teenage Bodies and Loose Women as well as numerous news and magazine features.


FBI Academy, Washington DC
Forensic Facial Imaging

Medical Artists Association
Medical Art (Post Graduate Course)

Human Remains – Bones
Birkbeck, University of London

NCMEC, Washington DC
Child Age Progression

Durham Police Training Centre
Facial Identification (ACPO accredited)

Kent University
1st class BA Hons
Communication Media

City & Guilds of London Art School
Foundation Course


One Response to “Auriole Prince BA MMAA RMIP”

  1. Monica Lynch Says:

    Dear Ms. Prince:
    I would like to talk to you about retaining you as a court-appointed expert in a case in which I am representing Ulysses Roberson who is being charged with the 1986 murder of Alexander Olive, his four year old son. The body of Alexander Olive has never been located. NCMEC’s Horace Heafner (who published an article about age progression in 1966) created an age-progression drawing of the missing child in 1991. Numerous individuals have reported seeing children matching the age-progression drawing over the years and I am planning on calling those witnesses to testify at trial. However, I think it is necessary to first establish a foundation for the accuracy of Mr. Heafner’s drawing. Because of Mr. Heafner’s advanced age, he is unwilling to work as my expert in this case. Therefore, I need to hire another age-progression expert who would be able to explain the art and science of age progression to the jury and then attest to the accuracy and reliability of Mr. Heafner’s drawing. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to let me know whether you will be able to assist me with this case.

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