The Art of Age Progression Part 4

September 28, 2010

I’m just going to talk a little about what I do now, In 2005, I decided to go freelance…..I started changemyface a cosmetic surgery imaging website.

With the growing trends in cosmetic surgery, I noticed there wasn’t a service like it at the time, and I thought it may be helpful for people to visualise their changes before going under the knife. I also felt that it was important that people should make an informed decision – so therefore deciding against surgery as well as deciding to undergo surgery. I did some research with surgeons and found out that for the most part they would do a scribble for the patient to show how they were going to look.

I initially thought that surgeons would love this idea, but what I’ve found is that they don’t like to show people how they are going to look, just in case it doesn’t turn out that way (and maybe they don’t want to put people off?). Most of my clients come to me in the early stages of thinking about surgery and find it really helpful to visualize their changes but surgeons don’t seem so keen.  I do think it will be eventually be a service that is automatically offered to people before they undergo cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty operations.

As it happens I’ve had fantastic feedback from people….

This was one of my clients a man who had already had two lots of surgery to correct his nose but was unhappy with the results. In this case we did some 3D imaging and manipulated his nose from every angle so that he could then convey his wishes to his surgeon.

I’ve also done lots of imaging for TV Programmes and PR companies and have probably learned something new from each job. I cut my teeth on my biggest TV job when I first left Missing Persons.

This is one that I really enjoyed doing, a celebratory image of Marilyn Monroe to show her at 80….a purely decorative age progression commissioned by the Independent and then subsequently bought by a Japanese magazine. I created this image to show her as if she had lived a wonderful, happy life.

An interesting and topical project was for the government initiative Change4Life campaign which is tackling the problem of obesity. This growing problem sees cases of obesity tripling in 20 years time – a problem that will ultimately bankrupt the NHS if not tackled now. This project mission was to take 10 children and age them 30 years to different weights.

These are the kids and here they are as adults. I had to age each one, using only one parental reference photo, and then fatten them up according to the government statistics. This was quite a fiddly job – I first had to cut them out of the backgrounds, then age each one, then fatten them up to the appropriate weight, then make them fatter, then some of them thinner (I genuinely think that some of them are just not fat enough….) –  then put them all together making sure they were all naturally lit in a similar way.

Here is Holly with her older self – I think the kids were a bit bemused and the parents a bit worried to see their kids looking overweight and older.

Another project to do with weight issues was for Channel 4’s Jo Frost’s Extreme Parenting whereby 22 girls ranging from age 6 to early teens were photographed and I did the imaging to show them both 3x larger and 3x smaller in size.

The girls were supposed to pick out the image that they thought was them (nearly always picking a larger version) then they were asked to pick out the image that they preferred of themselves which nearly always the skinniest. I guess it highlighted issues that even young girls have about their weight these days.

I did some recent imaging and filming for the forthcoming series of Embarrassing Fat Bodies on Channel 4 (not mine you’ll be pleased to hear) so watch this space…November 2010.

Auriole Prince BA MMAA RMIP


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