I started Changemyface in 2005 after speaking to plastic surgeons and realising that many of them don’t offer imaging to help people decide how they want (or don’t want) to look. Changemyface is a bespoke service which offers the chance to see the face and body with different or enhanced features before undergoing surgical or non surgical procedures. All the imaging is done digitally on the computer and the service is easy to use. Images can be used as a point of reference when talking to surgeons and clinics and can also help in the decision making process.

I’m now working in partnership with the Aesthetic Imaging Studio which offers skin analysis and 3D face and body imaging. This is an amazing way to really ‘see’ yourself from every angle.

It’s important to note that changemyface offers an image altering service and can not advise on medical procedures, surgical procedures or beauty treatments. Changemyface creates an image of how you would like to look and can not be held responsible for how you will look after any surgical or non surgical procedures or beauty treatments you may choose to go ahead with. Images are created realistically bearing in mind the limitations of surgery.


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