How will 3 women with different lifestyles look in 20 years time – November’s issue of SHE magazine gives you an insight into the ageing process – images created by

Changemyface created an image of what the singer Sandi Thom would look like if she used sunbeds on a regular basis to raise awareness of skin cancer for Cancer Research UK. She was aged from 29 to 59 years old and these are the shocking results!

Kate Spicer sees how she could look minus the wrinkles
and under eye bags in Channel 4’s documentary Super Botox Me

BBC Radio 1 commissioned Changemyface to show how 7 top DJ’s would look in 10 years time if they drank too much alchohol and here are some of the results.

Scott Mills


My Virtual Body

Unsure what effects plastic surgery would have on her body, Hilary Freeman tried out a new, painless technique to judge for herself….

Hilary with a brow lift, nose reconstruction, new teeth and chin reshaped.

“I’m more happy with my new body from the neck down. The all over contouring has taken me from a size 12 to a size 8 reducing my breasts from an E cup to a C cup.”

Vanity Lair – Now Showing on Channel 4’s T4

Changemyface has used it’s expertise to provide symmetry and age progression for T4’s Vanity Lair.

Alexa Chung welcomes you to the luxurious Vanity Lair, home of ten beautiful Lairmates. Each is competing to be crowned the most beautiful and win a cool £10,000.

Every week, three outsiders compete for a single place in the coveted Lair. The Lairmates must decide who stays, but at a cost… The outsider they choose will have to pick a Lairmate who must leave the Lair forever.

To help them make up their minds, they’ll be tested on how beautiful they truly are – on the inside as well as the outside.

Things could get ugly…see how symmetrical Nick’s face is below…

See presenters Miquita and Steve in years to come.

10 Years Younger  (Channel 4)

Changemyface showed how Jeni could have looked in 10 years had she continued her old habits.

ITV’s This Morning

Changemyface used it’s expertise to produce an age progression of Fitness Instructor Julie Cole to show how she would look as an 80 year old. See below!

Cotswold Life April 2008

“Imagine having a virtual nip and tuck without undergoing painful and expensive cosmetic surgery or achieving that size 12 body with virtual liposuction…..changemyshape is an option that can stop you tucking into puddings in an instant because it offers you your dream figure, if you hold back on the calories and up the exercise….All in all a very safe pair of talented hands to leave your future face and figure with.”

Extreme Cosmetic Surgery – UK TV Style, November 2006

See how the Hollywood stars will look with virtual cosmetic surgery…

Cameron Diaz with nose reshaped.

Reece Witherspoon with chin made smaller.

Sarah Jessica Parker with nose reshaped.

Who’ll Age Worst? (UK Living)

A series that showed 12 young and beautiful contributors how they would look in years to come should they continue their bad habits including smoking, eating poor diets and excessive drinking. Two doctors, a dentist and Changemyface Age Progression artist Auriole Prince showed them the error of their ways.

Extreme Cosmetic Surgery (UK Living)
Extreme Skinny Celebrities (UK Living)
Spendaholics (BBC3)
Trevor MacDonald Tonight (ITV)
Shaq’s Big Challenge (ABC, USA)
Vanity Lair (Channel 4)

Magazines & Newspapers

Grazia July 2005

Hot from LA: The Virtual Nip-Tuck

…an incredible 30% of the work surgeon, Yannis Alexandrides does is on people who didn’t get what they wanted the first time. That’s where virtual plastic surgery comes in. It’s surgery on screen, where an image of you is produced which shows what you could look like after going under the knife.

Cosmopolitan October 2005

Think yourself fitter

… will digitally manipulate a picture of you to show how you’d look if you lost half a stone or more. “It’s a far better incentive than sticking a picture of a model to your fridge.”

A celebratory age progression of Marilyn Monroe for what would have been her 80th birthday, commissioned by the Independant.

That’s Life Magazine

If you’re tempted by surgery but aren’t sure what you’d want done or what results you’d get, that problem may now be solved. By visiting you can use a virtual image that lets you see what you might look like afer surgery- before going ahead with it.

Daily Ireland August 2005

Get the face you’ve always dreamed of

By giving you a visual idea of what the result might look like, should you decide to undergo cosmetic surgery, the site can help clarify how you may like to look. It can also act as an initial point of reference when consulting a surgeon.

The Weekly News November 2005

The changing face of Plastic Surgery

Imagine looking at a photograph of yourself as you’d really like to be, without those annoying eye bags, or lines around your mouth. Cosmetic surgery has never been more popular, and many people are realizing this type of surgery is no longer an option exclusively for the rich and famous. …a new online service called changemyface offers anyone the chance to see their face, or even their body with different features, thanks to the latest imaging techniques.


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